maxresdefault.jpg  Instagram: MBK_Conscious

Unknown.png        Twitter: Hfap_Conscious

Soundcloud_logo-3.jpg        Soundcloud: Hfap_Conscious



James Leonard, mainly known as Conscious, is an unsigned California artist from Louisiana who focuses on touching people through deep lyricism and singing. He goes by the name Conscious based off of the content of his music. He not only wants to be known as one of the greatest to partake in the music industry, but aims to change lives and persuade people to not only follow the norm, but to be encouraged to be themselves. Definitely a talented one and stay on the lookout for his music.

Below is the album Smoke Session which was released on 4/20/2018 by Conscious and MBK Skeeno on all platforms links will be below. (RnB & Hip Hop)


Itunes –

Spotify –

Soundcloud –

For inquires regarding Conscious, contact The Lyrical Bullies via email at, or fill out the request form below.

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